His toughest promise

God promised Abraham an inheritance

He promised Jacob a nation

He promised Hannah a son

He promised David a Kingdom

But the toughest promise of them all, was His promise to give His only Son as a ransom for the filthy sinners.

Just imagine, a Father promising to have His Son sacrificed and planning it for centuries, pondering on it through ages, time and again reminding people who did not even care. And, He called it ‘GOOD NEWS‘!! Continue reading “His toughest promise”


Pushing through grief


Shared from: A Beautifully Burdened Life by Jenny Albers

Adam, Where are you?

It is God who came searching for us and not us Him.

The missionary heart of God is seen throughout the ages, seeking people to the one infallible truth: Himself. The heart of God longs for the lost and even the found, who does not realise the value of being found.

He chose us, people!!

He chose, like “voluntarily” saw the mess I am and the nonsense I would be doing even in future, and still CHOSE!!!

He “chose” to love me when I cannot even love myself. No matter what angle I see it from, I can’t wrap my head around this love!

Another ‘single’ valentine

So this is for all the singles out there, you know, the ones without anyone to wish ‘happy valentines day’ to.

Don’t beat yourself up. Instead of complaining and sinking in self pity, I figured out why not make my true love smile today.

I could complain to Him about how He still hasn’t brought my guy home yet or,

I could try to make Him smile

So I wanna spend my day trying to make God smile.

When the heart-eyes finally made sense

I finally understood what the heart eyed smiley meant!! Continue reading “When the heart-eyes finally made sense”