Of life and love and a lot more

A sign of life and love Life that is too precious to give up on, Love that sustains life, from above and around . A reminder of victories and vitality Victories won, trivial and giant, momentary and of a life time Vitality that inspires living rather than surviving . An emblem of His grace and … Continue reading Of life and love and a lot more

Rain AGAIN!!

Its been summer for ages Even the dams are running dry Paying for the natural resource Eagerly waiting for a drizzle   Prayers and rituals everywhere Calling out to The one above Believing without shame Trusting for a change   The day it all ends He has decided to bless us The doors of heaven … Continue reading Rain AGAIN!!

To be ME!

Stuck inside myself It was not the first time The feeling wrapped me in Trapped did I feel Wish my eyes were bigger My nose longer My smile prettier My body taller My mind steadier With no more psyhic nonsense That turns me outright crazy I guess I am a bit tipsy Dozing off with … Continue reading To be ME!

Heavenly Shower!!

Nothing can capture the beauty of this wonder To feel its pelting touch on your shoulders Wondering at the force of it yonder Yet enjoying every drop that befall on us.  . Playing in the rain is every soul’s dream The carefree image it projects soothes our senses Longing to run into it on whim … Continue reading Heavenly Shower!!

Crazy Freaks

Staring at an ocean With a stick extended to the waters The old man was crazy to the core Stepping onto a turbulent water On the word of what seemed a ghost The fisherman seemed to have lost it Sacrificing the long awaited blessing An only son for a voice that speaks occasionally The rich … Continue reading Crazy Freaks