The testimony of my resume

My resume has been through a lot. It was rejected, crumpled and rewritten over and over again. It was picked up from a very despised and confused pit and placed at a place totally undeserving.Let me start from the beginning. The date of birth of my resume is on an unknown date in the year … Continue reading The testimony of my resume

The ant post (you will know when you read it)

Lessons I learnt from the 47 ants who feasted on my lemon tea while I left it for just two minutes! 1. Don’t be stagnant. Keep going even when progress is slow. Else ants will rush in 🙄 2. Don’t be cold. Be on fire for your passions and your calling, don’t let the world … Continue reading The ant post (you will know when you read it)

Christmas art collection

WordPress fam!! My Christmas art collection is up on the Display wall. You might find a slightly different genre of Christmas e-cards there. I tried to keep the core of Christmas story up there rather than the additions we have glued in on the way!! There are Christmas verses embedded in many. Hope you find … Continue reading Christmas art collection

What’s your style

Everybody has a different style of Scripture devotion. Some go through entire Bible several times within a year, some focus on memorising as much as possible, some take up a passage a day for study and so on. Though I try different ones at times and also respect each style, my most favourite one is … Continue reading What’s your style

Display Wall Announcement

For the past couple of months, I have delved into the world of digital art and am quite enjoying it. In case you have not noticed, I have added a "Display Wall" to my header menu. Check it out and feel free to use the artwork for personal purposes. I have tried my best to … Continue reading Display Wall Announcement