Step outside your circle and spend a few minutes with strangers you meet every day or at least every week. Strangers??? Yeah, the guy at cash counter, the orderly at your work, the security guy, the lady who mops the floor..  As you pass by them the next time, STOP. Spend 2 minutes for … Continue reading BEYOND YOUR CIRCLE


 This week, inspire someone.   Make up a motivational ‘one-liner’ or grab one you really like. ↓ Share it Whatsapp group Facebook timeline Tweet it SMS Post in blog ↓ Challenge success   Comment in your one liners. Post a link if you publish it on your blog Oh! And don't forget to share this … Continue reading POST IT


Clean all the junk on your cell phones/ laptop/ tablet and organize your stuff.  Your device has been slugging for some time now. Yet you don’t have the time or energy to do the obvious de-cluttering. This week, take time for it. Disclaimer: Resetting phones should be done at own risk and no responsibility for … Continue reading ORGANISE TECH


A little more than expected. An errand? New duties assigned? Just the boring house work? Add an extra to it. Draw a quick smiley when you fetch a coffee ( your boss might not like it though) Organize those paper works neatly before submission Add French fries to tonight’s dinner Personalize that birthday card for … Continue reading GO AN EXTRA MILE


Remember the movie ‘Evan Almighty’ aka ‘Noah’s Ark’? Remember how Evan used to get up every morning and talk to the mirror? ‘ I am successful. I am powerful. I am handsome. I am happy’ Yeah? DO THAT. For the next week let us be Evan. Change it into your own words. Boost yourself every … Continue reading BE EVAN BAXTER