The book of Philemon is a single chapter book, which quite beautifully showcases how gospel impacts a person. The book tells us the story of a runaway slave, Onesimus. Onesimus escaped from his owner, Philemon and later, has an encounter with the gospel. He is now like a son to Paul, yet Paul decides to send him back to his rightful owner, Philemon. He writes a letter to Philemon and sends it with Onesimus. The letter appeals to Philemon to accept Onesimus back, not as a slave but as a brother in Christ. Here an excerpt of what Paul writes to Philemon:

Philemon 17, 18, 19

…. welcome him as you would welcome me. If he has done you any wrong or owes you anything, charge it to me. I, Paul, am writing this with my own hand. I will pay it back—not to mention that you owe me your very self.

Though the letter is in the above-said context, Paul’s words reflect how the gospel has changed him. These words replicate the teachings of Jesus. Continue reading “YOU OWE ME”

Now I know

1 Kings 17: 24

Then the woman said to Elijah, “Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth.”

Here is a verse that intrigued me. ‘The woman’ here is the widow at Zarephath. She is one who has experienced what we call ‘a grand miracle’. From the verge of suicide to being a testimony in her town, she saw the hand of God. God restored her life and sustained her family through a severe drought. This woman was no alien to the goodness of God. She would have been a grateful believer and a powerful witness to the power of God.

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Have you forgotten me, Lord?

Are you wondering if God has forgotten you? Or maybe thinking that in the midst of all the chaos, your breakthrough has been misplaced? Or that your blessing has lost its way?

You might have been waiting for a long time. Yet, there is no flicker of hope. You do not see an answer to your prayer or even the tiniest hint of your breakthrough. But have you noticed how God keeps reminding you that He still remembers His promise to you? It could be through His word, through His servants or even through the most unexpected sources. He did the same with Abraham. Remember how Abraham was promised a son and then nothing happened for 25 years? There was no sign of a son but God, in His abundant mercy, kept reminding Abraham of His promise. In fact, we find four instances during that 25 year wait, when God reminded Abraham of His promise. He instilled hope into Abraham. He encouraged Abraham to hold on and to trust God to do the best, at the perfect time. Continue reading “Have you forgotten me, Lord?”

Waiting on God

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It is a tough season for those waiting on God. The queue seems longer, the wait seems endless and even the possible breakthroughs you envisioned seems impossible now. . Today, have faith in a God who chose to bring out His nation through a barren woman. He presented His Son, God Himself, in a manger. He preserved the entire world species in a big boat. He drove a whole nation to a giant sea and gave them the 'walk-through' experience. . He might not do things the way we imagined them. But just because the gift isn't wrapped the way we want, it cannot be any less valuable. God has His own great openings and grand finales. Hold on to the faith. Be assured He will still work out things beautifully. Know for sure, His ways are always better. . #christianposts #waitingformiracle #prayerroom #trustingod #faithfulGod

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Awed at his confidence

The life of prophet Elijah has always been intriguing to me. Here was a man whose entry was sudden and at a time that wasn’t pretty.

In Kings 16, we find the pathetic mess the nation of Israel was. King after king, the nation plunged into uglier depths of evil. As the chapter ends, King Ahab is in reign and he does more evil in the eyes of the Lord than any before him (1 Kings 16: 30). His acts fuels the anger of the Lord and here, into this mess, enters Elijah, a prophet of the Lord. Continue reading “Awed at his confidence”