The testimony of my resume

My resume has been through a lot. It was rejected, crumpled and rewritten over and over again. It was picked up from a very despised and confused pit and placed at a place totally undeserving.

Let me start from the beginning. The date of birth of my resume is on an unknown date in the year 2015. It was the last year of my college, the internship year! And also an year where the whole class was devising plans to land a job, any job! As soon as my resume was ready to go out to the world, it was sent mercilessly to any email address I could find.

Contrary to the common tide, I did not want to be in a hospital, did not want to have a clinical pharmacist job. So my resume first travelled to all the research organizations first. It was a futile phase, except for training institutes calling to offer a course on the very things I already spent 6 years studying. It was time to say goodbye to my college and my resume was not picked up anywhere!

Now here is the most interesting phase. The next 4 months! Me and my well polished resume reached home. It was certainly well polished because it highlighted my great grades and that I was the “best clinical pharmacist of the year”. It was all right there on the front page. I faithfully sent it out to at least 10 places everyday. By now, my dream of working in research was crumbling down. Me and my resume, we were desperate to be picked up.

We started going to places we didn’t want to, the hospitals. I remember that day, when we went to over 10 hospitals in Ernakulam, this time on foot with resume all printed on crisp white sheets. We went along with a friend and her resume too. Both our resumes were submitted together to all those hospitals. Some didn’t even accept them. Some took it into their big chunky files but gave us a very ‘disinterested’ vibe.

What happened after was the craziest few weeks of my life. There were calls offering jobs to my friend (the one whose resume was submitted along with mine) and nothing to me. I would call to the very same phone numbers within 5 minutes of them calling her and I would get the response “we do not have any such post here”. It happened not once, but multiple times! I was confused! My well adorned resume was rejected for some unknown reason! At every single place!

Then we felt like my resume needed a makeover. All that great stuff on the first page, well, all that was shifted to some of the darker inside pages. All that I was proud of was taken down, one by one. A good student, great grades, clear subject knowledge…. everything amounted to nothing! I was in a way ashamed of it all, so much that I tried to hide them away from the first page spotlight. My resume was crushed with all the rejection. It barely had any life in it to keep going.

I resorted to my one lifeline, painting! That was one place I could find joy in and I did that. I painted in faith, proclaiming my God is still faithful, that He is always on time.

And then one day, one of my friends called me. She had joined my dream firm a month back. She called me to tell that there was a walk in for freshers, but it has already crossed day 1 and will be there for another two days. The earliest I could make was on day 3. After yet again another turmoil at home, we were all set to go, me and my resume with another friend and hers. I packed one formal wear and traveled all the way to Bangalore. Thanks to my cousin, we found a place to sleep for the night and appear for the interview the next day. Here again, my resume was tested.

First, the big whale, group discussion tried to swallow us. Being an introverted soul, speaking up even when I know the right stuff was not easy. I opened my mouth once, just once to ask one pivotal technical question and that was it! My participation in the discussion was so tiny that I so expected my name to be called out in the elimination list but somehow we slithered through. Then the comprehensive essay and the aptitude test. Here, my resume hit a roadblock again. The company systems weren’t working!

After a whole day of sitting there in apprehension, we were asked to come the next day. Wardrobe malfunction! I just took one formal wear and had no idea on how to make it through the next day! Buying wasn’t an option. I was jobless for the longest time, remember?! So borrowing it is! With a borrowed pair of clothes and very confused minds, me and my resume turned up at the firm again. Only God knows how I got through that aptitude test. The test laid out English terms that I doubt even Shakespeare knew! Now the big hurdle, the technical round. I was grilled with questions and I have no idea why but I ended up talking about my painting “My God is always on time” for 5 whole minutes. I remember telling this on the way back, “If that interviewer is an atheist, there is no way I am getting this job”.

Almost certain of another rejection, my resume traveled back with me to be confined to my home where even internet would elude us. Long wait of weeks and yes, my friend got the offer. I can’t say I was surprised because I had by then gotten used to “being a blessing” to all those who hunt jobs with me, for they all got placed immediately. My parents resorted to the plan B ‘if she isn’t working, let’s get her married’. Well, needless to say, my marriage resume had the same fate as well!

Then out of the blue, on 18-Apr-2016, I received an email. It was the mail shortlisting me for the job I interviewed for. I had just 4 days to pack up and move to Bangalore and that’s what I did. I reached Bangalore on 23-April and on 25-Apr-2016, I joined my dream job at my dream organization. Within a month, I was all set with a comfortable stay, a happy job and an awesome church. God has placed me at the right place, at the right time. Five years later, me and my resume are still here, knowing that ‘it had to be You, God’. It wasn’t the frills of my grade or awards that took my resume here. It was truly a faithful God, who took His time preparing me and teaching me the right attitude, and leading me to a place where no credit lies on me. My resume can boast of nothing. It was all pure grace of God. Now, that’s the testimony of my resume!

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