Maybe we should!

Seven friends. The end of an adventurous season.

They had spent a lot of time together in the last three years. Their exciting season was over and they gathered around, talking and reminiscing the good old times. There were debates on whether to give up or to keep hoping for the promised start. The guy who had promised big things was no longer with them. It was all new and at the same time, old. Like the old times before the season. Then one of them takes his call and announces out loud “I am going fishing’. Was he disappointed, was he giving up or was he just looking for something familiar to take his mind off, we do not know. But he is the voice of the gang now, as his friends decide to tag along.

They are back in their old trade. In acquainted waters, they go fishing. It wasn’t recreation, they really were fishermen. Over the years, they had learnt the best spots and the best time to cast their net. They knew better when there was no catch for a long time. It was early morning, time to give up, time to get to the shore and go home.

Then a stranger called from the shore, “Do you have any fish?”. He probably wants to buy. “No” said the voices back from the boat, for they had caught none. The stranger ought to know better than to suggest expert fishermen to throw their net to the other side. But he did just that. Did they protest, did they murmur, again, we do not know. But we do know they obeyed the ‘strange’ words of the ‘strange’ guy on the shore. And boy, was it worth it!! They get a great catch. They haul it towards the shore.

It was at this moment one of them had a déjà vu. ‘Hey! Haven’t this happened before?’. There was only one guy who had surpassed their fishing expertise before. “It must be the Lord!”, he cried out.

Now, what happened after was the craziest thing. This one guy, Peter, grabs his coat, covers himself and jumps right into the water. Sure enough, they were only a hundred yards away but he was just too excited to wait. Honestly, the recklessness of this guy is something! He is always so quick to react, does not know when to shut up or when to think before running to a dead man’s grave. He could have very well waited for the boat to reach the shore, it was heading there anyway. He is that one that makes you sit with a face-palm, shaking your head and wondering how can someone be so reckless! The Lord must be shaking His head too.

Huh!! He isn’t. He is laughing warmly. ‘It wasn’t a surprise for you, Lord?’ For the One who put that impulsive but warm heart in Peter, it was just pure joy to see him act the exact way he was created to act. The Lord didn’t mind, not one bit. He enjoyed Peter being himself. (Reference: John 21 : 7 – 8)

He isn’t surprised at our stupid reasoning or wild streaks. He knows us better then we do ourselves. In His love, He has placed that spontaneity in some, that extremely rational mind in few or that ounce of craziness in many of us. He isn’t frustrated at we being ourselves. He is chuckling at the beautiful mess we are. He loves us just the way we are. So when He calls us, He knows our limitations, our wavelength, our arguments, and yet, He calls. You think you won’t fit in His call? Well, at least you didn’t jump into the cold water early morning to see the Lord. You know what, maybe we should!


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