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January 13

Nobody wants to be stuck in the waiting room.

Not for a dental checkup, not for an interview, not for marriage, career or even for a better tomorrow.

We are just too impatient to wait; just too impatient to relish our today.

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May the Lord answer your prayer!!

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Writing prompt 11#: Your earliest memory

My earliest memory is playing in ash and sand outside my house and making my clothes all dirty 😛

But I am not sure if that picture has evolved from my mother telling it to me. I might have been just 2 years then and I am not sure if we remember things that happened at that age. Continue reading “Writing prompt 11#: Your earliest memory”

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God with us

All along, I have heard this phrase a hundred times. I have even told this to people a lot of times.

“Don’t worry, God is with you. He is right there”

But it took me quite a long time to actually experience it.

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Writing prompt #9: A letter to someone, anyone

Well, the first draft I wrote for this post was letters to my younger and older self. But on second thoughts, I figured, a letter to my present self is more in need.

Dear Ann,

I know now is not the right time to tell, it is all gonna work out beautifully; which is exactly why I wanna tell you that. Everything looks bleak, messy and confusing? That’s the way it will look at times. Continue reading “Writing prompt #9: A letter to someone, anyone”